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Ma-Praw Virgin Coconut Oil 100%

Ma-Praw virgin coconut oil is made from fresh coconut meat by a cold press process.

It is not refined with either chemicals or  heating.

This ensures that our oil retains all of its natural antioxidants, vitamin E,A,C.


Standard Certified ; GMP,FDA


100 % Virgin Coconut Oil

We get the coconut from Samut Songkhram province, The smallest province in Thailand,

 that have  clean Mae Klong river and organic coconut garden

all coconut tree grow up without chemicals and pesticides.  Confidently that you will get the best coconut oil from us.


Ma-Praw Hair Care Product....

Coconut Hair Serum with Bergamot Oil 

Mixture of virgin coconut oil, bergamot and natural extracts,no coloring and fragrances added. Provides nourishments to the hair,which makes them strong, healthy, silky and shiny, helps to prevent split ends and removing knots. Use coconut hair serum on dry or wet hair , or if  use it after shampoo, no need to wash the hair with water again, take a drop of serum on the palm of hands and apply them on the hair. 
( size 65 ml ,100 ml)
 Coconut Hair Treatment with Thai Kaffir Lime Oil (No color & fragrance added)               
The wonderful benefits of coconut hair treatment are intensive repair,
conditions the scalp, softens the hair, strengthens the roots of
the scalp, encourages new hair growth,
nourishes hair damaged from coloring or heat styling. 
It’s suitable for all hair types and particularly preventing for dry,
rough or sensitive scalp. The coconut hair treatment is easily absorbed
into hair and scalp, just massage into wet hair and scalp,
leave on for 10 – 20 minutes before washing,
for the best results applying it with the hair once a week.
Coconut Hair Shampoo with Thai Kaffir Lime Oil (No color & fragrance added )
Coconut hair shampoo contains virgin coconut oil and 
 Kaffir lime oil (cold pressed) and other active ingredients,
with no coloring and fragrances added.  
It gently cleanses the hair and scalp, anti dandruff and
also restrains the grey hair.   For the best results,
folllowing with coconut hair conditioner.
Coconut Hair Conditioner with Thai Kaffir Lime Oil (No color & fragrance added)
The coconut hair conditioner makes the hair super soft,
nourishes the hair and scalp and also encourages new hair growth.  
For the best results, use with coconut hair shampoo.   

Ma-Praw Body Care Products...



Coconut Body Lotion

Richly moisturizing, softening, nourishing the skin, fast absorbing and not greasy.
Virgin coconut oil is high antioxidant, vitamins and moisturize for the skin and it’s blended with carrot/tomato extracts and finest oil available, becomes the finest body lotion. It keeps skin looking young and healthy , just daily apply after shower, onto the skin all over body.
Ma-Praw Coconut Body Lotion   ;Coconut Jasmine Body Lotion;
                                       (size 240 g.)
Aloe Vera Coconut Moisturizing Body Lotion
 A miracle lotion, composed of virgin coconut oil and Aloe Vera, it moisturizes and heals the skin after exposure to the sun and prevent peeling. It’s easily absorbed and not greasy.
Apply all over body and face after sun exposure.
          (size 150 g.)
Coconut Foot Scrub
The smooth scrub made with virgin coconut oil and peppermint, helps to remove dry and dead skin areas around the feet ,
reduce the cause of foot odor, moisturize and soften the feet.
Use it after soaking, finger-tip massaging in small circles all over each foot.
                            (size 100 g.)
Ma-Praw Facial Care Products......
Coconut Lip Gel
Lip gel made of virgin coconut oil, almond oil, bee wax and vitamin E.
Prevent dry, cracked lips and give the lips daily nourishment.
Apply to the lips as often as needed, especially during winter's cold and windy conditions, Yummy coconut taste.
                        (size 10 ml.)
Coconut Facial Serum
 With the great benefits of virgin coconut oil to keep skin healthy and youthful looking, this coconut facial serum is an ideal for facial care, it’s anti-aging, wrinkle reduction and facial moisturizer, suitable for normal to dry and combination skin.
Apply to face in a circular motion every day and night 
                  (size 30 ml, 50 ml)            


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